EWS is a unique global consultancy unlike any other. We enable a space that provides you with the ability to have critical thinking time to make a balanced decision.

We help government organisations and police forces reshape and reorganise to counter threats and keep people safe. And we help aerospace, defence and security businesses anticipate and meet their clients’ needs. We work with government agencies and private sector companies to make them more efficient, so they are ready to face the challenges ahead. Whatever they may be.

We do it by understanding the challenges and opportunities posed to individuals and teams and produce an unbiased end-to-end solution that meets customers’ mission-critical needs.

For our customers we provide practical solutions to complex problems as problem solvers, stress testers and solution providers, providing clarity and direction on complicated and overwhelming situations. We are highly experienced in stepping back to take a holistic overview of the issues to be solved and then proactively seeking unique insights and recommending cost-effective solutions to improve operations and meet your budgets and deadlines.

Our domain knowledge experts partner globally with governments, defence, security, justice and corporate entities to identify key requirements, define specifications, design practical solutions, source reliable equipment and deliver customised training to meet operational demands.

We thrive on solving unique problems that others might consider too complex or overwhelming.