As the usage of commercial drones continues to proliferate, security officers to sensitive sites are facing escalating threats. To safeguard their sky perimeters against unauthorized drones, they are seeking an effective response that is tailored to their specific needs without compromising any existing security frameworks. Ensuring the safety and protection of communities – including people, assets and critical infrastructures- necessitates a comprehensive approach that goes beyond simply implementing more technology. This multifaceted challenge can only be addressed through tight collaboration among the key stakeholders in the drone ecosystem, including regulatory bodies, unmanned traffic management players, technology vendors and drone users.

Recognizing the critical nature and complexity of this challenge, the Sentrycs team of Communications and Radio Frequency experts embarked on a mission in 2017 to develop modular solutions that can be fully customized to precisely meet the unique security requirements and drone ecosystems of each customer and partner. By uniting its field-proven technology and expertise in global drone environments, Sentrycs is leading the way towards a safer and more secure drone-driven future. Learn more at