At Shield, our experienced team will deliver a bespoke Counter-UAS (C-UAS) solution aligned to your organisation’s exact requirements. We understand that for some, securing their airspace will require a cutting edge C-UAS platform, for others it could be as simple as a well trained workforce.

As a team of system agnostic C-UAS experts, our main objective is to equip you and your organisation with the ability to secure your airspace. Unsure which of our services is right for you? We offer a free 30 minute introduction to C-UAS.

Should you then wish to progress with Shield, we will support you through an intuitive process:

1. C-UAS Technical Advisors

2. C-UAS Technical Services

3. C-UAS as a Service (CaaS)

Our C-UAS advisors are deep specialists in their field. Our aim is to introduce you to C-UAS, enhance your understanding of airspace security and what you can do to mitigate the threat from drones.

Shield’s Technical Services are broken down into:

1. C-UAS Training through our online Shield Academy and face2face.

2. Threat and Risk Assessments

3. Field Service Representatives.

Our training packages are designed specifically to enhance your C-UAS capabilities through a highly trained workforce. Shield’s C-UAS training is designed to help organisations improve their current operational capability against a wide spectrum drone threat by meeting their training requirement in full fidelity. Our Threat and Risk Assessment is a market leading deep dive into your vulnerabilities from drones, enhancement of your C-UAS strategy, mitigation methods and much more. Our FSRs’ are ready to deploy globally in support of C-UAS systems and operations. Our specialists are proven in theatre and are experts in integrating into any organisation and environment.

Lastly our CaaS. This is a first to market solution. Our C-UAS operators will deploy to your area of operation and design and implement a C-UAS operation. Therefore as the client, you do not need to buy expensive kit and equipment.