Squarehead Technology develops acoustic beamforming arrays enabling passive detection of targets interrupting a monitored area, such as a UAS. Utilizing patented technology since 2004, the company represents the leading edge for passive sensors based on acoustics, providing increased situational awareness within the defense sector, as well as other security and industrial sectors.

Squarehead’s microphone arrays have several linked microphones in each device that detects the direction of a sound source. Having the ability to focus on specific sounds, with unmatched range and sound quality, allows for detection of drones solely based on the sound they emit. Through an advanced machine learning classifier, we can distinguish the drones from other sound sources in the monitored area.

Squarehead has invented and operationalized acoustic drone detection in defense and the civilian sector, all to leverage highly directional sound capture and classification superior to the human ear.

By building the algorithms, software, and hardware necessary to run the world’s best, ruggedized listening and automated sound detection and classification system, we provide unmatched situational awareness required for protection of critical infrastructure and assets.