Xelevate is a Drone Infrastructure as a Service provider for the physical, digital, and intellectual infrastructure to safely build out all tiers of flight operations environments- scaling from simple to complex and around critical infrastructure, BVLOS flights, multi-domain (Air, Land, and Sea; manned and unmanned), and operations involving C-UAS activities.

In addition, Xelevate has two flight operations campuses designed to maximize your innovation and convert potential clients to sales and follow-on contracts through customized demonstration, testing, training, and conference environments.  This is not just for OEMs- any parts of the unmanned ecosystem can thrive with Xelevate, including hardware, software, sensors, storage, data, cybersecurity, payloads, and beyond!  Want to conduct a live demonstration (including C-UAS) that wows your audience and makes them remember your technology over the competition?  Come to Xelevate’s locations where we minimize risk and maximize opportunity for you, in our cutting-edge unique one-of a kind campuses:*

Leesburg, VA Campus

66 acres, Class G Airspace, 2.6 NM outside of the SFRA, within 45 minutes of DC and all the policymakers.  A true location to solve your visibility issues, giving your audience (including Government and Industry Executives) a safe, reliable location with privacy, anonymity, and professionalism.  A great option for Groups 1 and 2 flights.  The first location in the United States with an on-site physical supply chain!  Fiber internet on site, with indoor Facilities including bathrooms, and an outdoor pavilion great to bring the PowerPoint to life and show, not tell, your capabilities to your audience!

Washington, NC Campus at the Washington-Warren Airport

600+ acre Airport in Class E Airspace with 2 5000+ft runways, at the confluence of the Tar and Pamlico Rivers, which is less than 75 miles direct flight to the Atlantic Ocean and within 1-2 hours of all the government and military operators in NC!  Great for flying Groups 1-5 drones, Multi-Domain Operations (Air, Land, and Sea; manned and unmanned), serving as a base location for BVLOS operations, including in all of Eastern NC. 200+ acres of build-to suit opportunities and an on-site Aerospace and Maritime Industrial Park. One of the First Drone Smart Airports on the East Coast, equipped with 100 GB fiber line, 5G wireless, C-UAS detection and the only 1000 ft AGL Wind LIDAR system at a General Aviation Airport in the US!  This Airport is the pilot program for the FAA and NCDOT for the safe integration of drones into the NAS in an airport environment and has received a $2oM modernization fund.  Home to the Southern Atlantic Drone Workforce and Data Fusion Center!

*Some C-UAS operations will require additional FAA and/or FCC waivers.