INVOLI, a global leader and provider of solutions for integrating drones flying BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) into air traffic, has announced that an industry-standard titled “F3623-23 – Standard Specification for Surveillance Supplementary Data Service Providers” has been published. This ASTM standard, co-led by INVOLI’s CEO, Manu Lubrano, is designed to reshape the future of aerial mobility. It reflects INVOLI’s commitment to providing comprehensive and verified air traffic data solutions for drones, contributing to enhanced safety and efficiency in global drone operations.

The newly established standard is built on three pillars: (1) a live data stream of surveillance data for drone #DAA (Detect And Avoid) systems, (2) a live coverage map & health monitoring stream to deliver real-time coverage and surveillance system parameters, and (3) an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to delineate responsibilities between the data supplier and the user.

Developed collaboratively with industry expertise, the standard provides crucial guidelines and best practices for supplying surveillance data in drone operations.

Post Image Credit- Involi