From the 2023 ACA Philadelphia Prospectus:

The ACA’s Congress of Correction is one of the largest gatherings of corrections professionals in the country. Exhibitors will reach a critical cross section of the top decision makers and purchasers of products and services in the corrections industry.

For more than 152 years, the American Correctional Association
has championed the cause of corrections and correctional
effectiveness. Founded in 1870 as the National Prison Association,
the American Correctional Association is the oldest and largest
correctional association developed especially for practitioners in
the corrections profession. ACA represents thousands of active
professional members. The membership consists of individuals and
organizations involved in all facets of corrections, including adult and
juvenile institutions, community corrections, juvenile justice, health
care treatment, and probation and parole located in the U.S.,
Canada and other nations. ACA is the leader in the improvement of
corrections and the professional development of experts in the field.

ACA provides its members with educational materials, publications,
training courses, seminars, biannual conferences, accreditation
services and a variety of other networking opportunities, not to
mention Corrections Today and discount programs. Working toward a
unified voice in correctional policy, ACA has been actively involved in:

– Developing national correctional philosophy.
– Designing and implementing standards for correctional
services and methods for measuring compliance.
– Providing publications, training and technical assistance.

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