Optimizing Uncrewed Systems & Autonomous Capabilities For Future Ground Warfare

The Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems Conference is ready to return bigger than ever in 2024. With the world less stable and the threat of conflict ever greater, the successful implementation and integration of risk-reducing yet tempo and mass-generating robotics and autonomous systems is more crucial than ever.

With a dedicated focus day and four separate afternoon streams covering all aspects of RAS, the MRAS conference is, as ever, the best place to gain essential knowledge and insight from MRAS programs from across the globe and where the capabilities, challenges, and opportunities of these programs lie. Unlike other events, we strive to deliver real insight and learning experiences through the expertly selected participants who run our discussions, ensuring the latest developments from all parts of the community (industry and military) are covered in detail.

With a new focus on the implementation, integration, and interoperability alongside the key areas of situational awareness, lethality, maneuverability, survivability, and sustainability.

Key reasons to attend:

  • Gain key insights into the developments within the industry at MRAS, the leading event dedicated to military land robotics developments and priorities.
  • Take note from the leaders and innovators from senior UK, NATO, and allied land robotics program managers to better your organization’s programs.
  • Get a head start by discovering the latest knowledge on the advancement of land robotics capabilities, including implementation, integration, interoperability, situational awareness, lethality, maneuverability, survivability, and sustainability.
  • Explore new ideas from other nations and experts to help your organization evolve on Unmanned Combat Vehicles, Enhancing Autonomous Capabilities, and Battlefield Manned/Unmanned Teaming.
  • Connect with the best from both military and industry to discuss modernization and optimization of the future military land robotics and grow your network.