Drones present an increasing challenge to protecting facilities, events, and communities. Drone detection technologies and systems are the answer but determining what is best for your needs can be confusing and technically complex. This panel will consider the risks posed by drones, the available tools and solutions, and the implications of a lively legislative calendar focused on drones in the airspace. You should attend if you want to:

  • Evaluate the risk of drone incursion on safety, service and bottom line
  • Learn which sensors and technologies are appropriate – when and why
  • Plan for a drone detection technology and software evaluation
  • Understand the implications of potential new drone detection legislation


The panel discussion will be moderated by Echodyne’s Leo McCloskey. Panelists include:

  • Tom Driscoll, PhD and Echodyne CTO
  • Casey Flanagan, Co-Founder and President of AeroVigilance and contributor to CUAS Hub
  • Kyle Maloney, Founder and CEO of Walaris
  • David Stolerow, National Business Manager – Enterprise & Smart Buildings / Security of Siemens Industry, Inc.