The U.S. Air Force is investing large sums of money into developing the technology that would go into the United States’ first fleet of semi-autonomous combat drones. Going forward, America’s flying branch will have to make consequential decisions on the specific types of drones it adopts [source: The National Interest].

Returning for its second-year annual edition, UAV Technology USA has become the leading conference in the US dedicated to unmanned aerial systems and their evolving role in modern warfare. The successful launch of this conference in February 2022 brought together over 60+ organizations and 100+ attendees, and you can expect the 2023 edition to be the best yet!

Split across two days, the conference will host an action-packed schedule of presentations from speakers and experts from all branches of the US military and international military services, key technology innovation programs, and leading industry providers discussing today’s most pressing topics and technological solutions.

Conference Highlights:

  • UAV Technology USA is the leading event in exploring the evolution of US and international UAV programs and capabilities
  • Listen to keynote briefings from leading U.S. military UAV program leaders
  • Hear from key allied military leaders working in their national UAV field
  • Discover the latest topics for the advancement of UAVs, including UAV procurement and modernization projects, policy development, UAV operator training, safety, and certification regulation, ISR capabilities and more
  • Meet and network with the key decision-makers from both military and industry and learn how to adapt your UAV platforms through innovation and experimentation

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