Job Description

If you love tearing things apart, reversing custom protocols, and developing tools to abuse functionality, then SkySafe would like to hear from you! We are looking for a Senior Reverse Engineer that is excited about reverse engineering embedded devices and related drone technologies. Come join our small team of San Diego based hackers who enjoy daily free lunch, full health coverage, wellness benefits, snacks, and flexible work hours.

We’re continuing to grow the world’s leading team on drone security. If you would like to learn new skills and poke around interesting systems, while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in an entirely new industry, then SkySafe might be right for you!


  • Stay on the forefront of drone product development, releases, and hobbyist communities.
  • Research capabilities and features of new systems, worldwide.
  • Analyze hardware and software components, protocols, and data formats.
  • Produce and maintain internal documentation of system features and interfaces.
  • Stay current with embedded reverse engineering techniques.
  • Work in a small team environment, leveraging version control systems, issue trackers, and messaging tools.


  • 7+ years of experience reverse-engineering hardware and software systems, with a particular focus on hardware extraction techniques.
  • Research capabilities and features of new systems, worldwide.
  • Experience with fault injection attacks, including voltage, clock, and/or EMFI attacks.
  • Vulnerability Research, Fuzzing, Exploit Development
  • IDA Pro, JTAG, GDB, and other debuggers
  • ARM, PPC, MIPS and other embedded architectures
  • RTOS implementations
  • Protocol analysis
  • Binary exploitation, cracking, etc.
  • Proficiency with software-defined radio frameworks and instruments.
  • Experience with radio communication systems, modulation techniques, error-correction algorithms, etc.
  • Experience with a range of embedded protocols, including USB, ethernet, I2C, SPI, CAN, etc.