As part of Austria’s military build-up, 라인메탈, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, has been awarded a significant air defense project worth a mid-three-digit million-euro figure. The contract involves the Skyranger air defense system, and delivery is set to begin in 2026. Rheinmetall is a subcontractor of GDELS, the vehicle manufacturer upgrading Austria’s Pandur wheeled armored vehicles.

The Skyranger turret, equipped with advanced sensors, a 30mm automatic cannon, and guided missiles, will be mounted on a portion of Austria’s Pandur fleet to provide mobile air defense capability. This order follows a Skyranger development contract from Hungary in December 2023, signaling a breakthrough in the market for the system. Further orders from Germany and Denmark are expected soon, along with additional orders from 헝가리 after the successful conclusion of the development contract.

Austria has taken a significant step in mobile ground-based air defense by procuring thirty-six Skyranger 30 air defense systems mounted on the 6×6 GDELS Pandur EVO. This decision follows an extensive situation analysis, and it comes after the modernization of Austria’s existing stationary 35mm systems to Skyguard Next Generation (NG) status. The introduction of the Skyranger 30 addresses the capability gap in mobile air defense, marking a comprehensive renewal of Austria’s air defense capabilities.

Rheinmetall has designed a special lightweight version of the Skyranger 30 in close cooperation with Austria, allowing easy integration into the GDELS Pandur. The Skyranger 30 is designed to counter current and emerging aerial threats to ground forces effectively, providing maximum mobility, a large elevation range, and state-of-the-art sensors for autonomous and networked operations. This contract underscores Rheinmetall’s role in equipping European armed forces to address new threats, including stationary and mobile air defense solutions. (보도 자료)

Post Image Credit- Rheinmetall