Boresight provides threat emulation for Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) Training and Red-Teaming through the use of its low-cost Unmanned Aerial Target (UAT) platforms.

Boresight UAT’s offer the following advantages over using commercially available drones as aerial targets:

  • Swarming capability.
  • Repeatable flight operations from multiple UAT platforms utilizing a common GCS.
  • Purpose-built C-UAS targets with lower unit costs.
  • Reliable supply chain.

Boresight provides market-leading C-UAS training for Military and Law Enforcement customers through its unique swarming-capable GCS software. Boresight’s C-UAS capability can be either provided directly to a customer or combined with a C-UAS manufacturer’s system to then provide a customer a complete C-UAS and Training capability packaged as one product.

Every weapon system in the Military has a dedicated and purposely designed training target and training course, C-UAS should be no different.