The idea for C-UAS Hub came when the website’s co-creators were employed in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Counter-UAS Program. While traveling around the United States performing this mission at high-profile events and venues, such as the Super Bowl, World Series, Rose Bowl, Rose Parade, and countless others, it was readily apparent that there was no central location to find relevant information about this mission.

Casey and Tom spent hundreds of hours searching the Internet. During their research, they found numerous guides, references, textbooks, research papers, and other valuable resources available- but who will take the time to look for those resources?

Thus- the idea for a central location for Counter-UAS information, now called C-UAS Hub, was born. In addition to a growing library of guides, references, textbooks, and research papers, the site also contains up-to-date news and articles, vendors, products, services, events, and jobs.