The 12th Annual CNBC Disruptor 50 Companies list was released this week, and two companies who have strong roots in Counter-UAS made the list again- Dedrone i Anduril Industries.

Approximately two-thirds of the 50 companies listed as Disruptors emphasize the significance of artificial intelligence to their operations. Notably, at the helm of this trend sits OpenAI, which retains its position as the list’s No. 1 company for the second year.

The influence of AI transcends these companies, with thirteen identifying as “generative AI companies,” including five within the top 10 of this year’s list. These firms secured over $5.5 billion in investments over the past year.

Industries across the spectrum, from cybersecurity to agriculture, recognize AI as indispensable to their missions. Furthermore, there’s a notable departure from the past Silicon Valley-driven era of disruptive innovation solely backed by venture capitalists, shifting away from the “better, faster, cheaper” mantra.

Anduril was listed at #2 on the 2024 list this year, moving up from the #7 spot the company held in 2023. Anduril first made the list in 2022, when it was listed at #23. Anduril describes itself as a “defense products company” that can take concepts from R&D to deployed capabilities in months.

Dedrone secured a spot on the prestigious list for the second year. Dedrone is a Sterling, Va.-based defense tech company and inventor of technology with advancements to protect against escalating dron warfare. Recognized for innovations in smart bezpieczeństwo przestrzeni powietrznej, Dedrone technology is used by the military, government, and commercial customers, including airports, stadiums, and high-profile events such as Formula One Grand Prix, to detect, track, and reduce threats. Additionally, Dedrone systems are at work in Ukraine.