At this year’s Association of Old Crows (AOC) Europe in Olso, Norway, Leonardo has odsłonięty Skytender, a Counter-UAS planning and assessment tool, reports EDR On-Line.

AOC Europe serves as a conduit, linking entities and individuals spanning government, defense, industry, and academia to facilitate the exchange of insights and knowledge. Its mission includes fostering discussions on the latest developments within the electromagnetic and information-related spheres.

Skytender empowers decision-making superiority and enhances asset protection by quantifying the effectiveness of deployed C-UAS systems against potential threats within the designated physical and electromagnetic deployment Area of Responsibility (AOR).

This solution aims to:

  • Accurately quantify the effectiveness of multiple Systemy C-UAS by analyzing sensor coverage, understanding RF emissions, optimizing sensor placement, and evaluating jammer behavior.
  • Enhance situational awareness and threat assessment by determining optimal tactics, identifying points of vulnerability, and simulating UAS swarms and coordinated attacks.
  • Provide a simplified user experience through a pre-configured C-UAS sensor and effector assets library and an intuitive, modern user interface, minimizing operator data entry requirements.
  • Allow scenarios to be configured and simulated in minutes, and include 2D and 3D mapping for intuitive visualization of the simulated scenarios/management.
  • Define, train, and disseminate Counter-UAS plans and SOPs, including a visual representation of the area that can reduce the need for an in-person site survey.

For more information on the Counter-UAS planning and assessment tool, visit Leonardo Skytender.

Post Image Credit- Leonardo Canada Electronics Introduces Skytender