DroneShield has announced one of its most extensive updates to the DroneSentry-C2 platform. It has introduced a completely overhauled User Interface, enhanced AI capabilities, and expanded C-UAS Command-and-Control software sector detection functionalities.

Version 10.0 of DroneSentry-C2 represents a pivotal moment in this cutting-edge software’s evolution. The program delivers a faster and more seamless user experience with a ground-up rewrite. The redesigned interface offers improved usability and sets the stage for forthcoming significant features.

Version 10.0 of the DroneSentry-C2 system is available today and is being deployed to existing DroneShield systems this week. It is available with both DroneShield and third-party hardware sensors and is provided on a subscription basis via a secure cloud or on-premises server.

DroneShield Chief Technology Officer Angus Bean commented, “The release this quarter allows us to bring the DroneSentry-C2 platform to many more users. In a growing market it allows us to better scale and maintain our Software-as-a-Service, and simplifying the front-end opens opportunities with clients who were previously beyond our reach.”

Główne aktualizacje obejmują:

  • Streamlined User Interface: The most noticeable feature for any existing user is the modernized look and feel of the DroneSentry-C2 interface. Stripped-back menus allow for faster navigation and clearer access to settings. Operators can now modify key settings without ever needing to navigate away from the monitoring dashboard. Load times moving between sites and analytics have been significantly reduced.
  • Mission Set Optimisation: The updated user interface has been optimized for desktop and tablet experiences. Enabling far better use in ‘On-The-Move’ applications such as for vehicles and dismounted missions.
  • ThreatAI Launched: ThreatAI is an integrated threat analysis system for detected objects in DroneSentry-C2, which intelligently provides a responsive threat rating based on data from all sensors and user input. This new information is utilized by other sub-systems across the platform to inform command decisions better.
  • Improvements to existing AI: SensorFusionAI and DroneOptID continue to grow in their performance when identifying and classifying detected drony. This update sees improvements to both the accuracy and breadth of these AI models.
  • Full integration of OTM sensors: DroneSentry-X Mk2 is now completely integrated into DroneSentry-C2 and SensorFusionAI, allowing for integrated control of disruption features and smarter detections in the field.
  • Usability and Accessibility: A stronger focus on data visualization makes complex information easier to understand and review quickly. Localization into Spanish and Polish brings DroneSentry-C2 to more regions that need it.
  • Planning tool: This feature has been split into a separate application to help new and existing clients plan their Counter-UAS installations and review the suitability of different systems.

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