Mitigation & Interdiction Systems / Spoofing

Spoofing is a form of mitigation that includes taking control of, or misdirecting, the targeted drone by feeding it spurious communication or navigation link. This broad category includes a range of measures such as cyber-attacks, protocol manipulation, and RF/GNSS Deception.

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Ninja TRx

Ninja TRx is a low-cost, lightweight, range extension solution for the Ninja Gen2 C-UAS system providing tailored coverage and additional swarm capabilities.

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Blue Force UAV digital decoy that obfuscates pilot and sUAS location, confusing threat actors, and reinforcing deception in support of…

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Ninja Gen2 C-sUAS System

Ninja Gen2 is a JCO-approved, fixed-site C-sUAS system that uses protocol manipulation for tracking and defeating sUAS aircraft.

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