The AirWarden Remote ID Receiver is an innovative, low-cost drone detection solution that receives FAA Remote ID broadcasts and detects WiFi drone public broadcasts.

The receiver uses radio frequency (RF) technology to constantly monitor the airspace and receive Remote ID signals from the drone and controller in real-time, which typically contain information such as the pilot and device locations as well as drone altitude.

Deployment Options

The small receiver installs easily on a building or pole.

It can also be installed on a tripod for temporary deployments.

It connects to the LTE network and AirWarden Command Console in the cloud for immediate use.

Security operations centers can monitor multiple locations and dispatch emergency response vehicles equipped with more powerful AirWarden sensors to detect and track drones that are not transmitting and can connect to AirWarden Remote ID Receivers when needed.

Install Time

The receiver can be installed in ten minutes or less.

Training Requirement

30 minutes or less (virtual)

Supplemental learning management system training provided

Power Requirements 

The receiver receives power over Ethernet.