Blucase is designed as a portable solution for early warning, drone detection, identification, and geolocation of both the drone and the pilot. It provides an early alert system that enables users to respond as quickly as possible in an educated manner.

A 13.3-inch touchscreen display provides real-time information on the drone’s make, model, serial number, altitude, geolocation (latitude and longitude), and flight time. Users also have access to the pilot’s geolocation.

Through the DSI GEN-2 technology, Blucase detects 480+ drones, including DJI, Autel, Parrot and DIY drones. Bluvec has built an extensive drone library, covering >85% of commercial drone models.

Blucase suits event monitoring, public event safety, private security, law enforcement, and other scenarios. Due to its compact format and easy-to-operate system, users can simply grab and go with an innovative and portable C-UAS solution.

Blucase is scalable and can be integrated with other Bluvec products based on individual needs.



Detection of 480+ drones, including DJI, Autel, Parrot and DIY

Geolocation of the drone and its pilot

Full-band detection

6 KM geolocation range




All-in-one solution

Easy to use

Extensive drone library