Blusensor is a stationary RF sensor solution capable of detecting and geolocating drones 24/7 in any weather condition.

With Blusensor, there is no need to triangulate sensors, as detection is performed via DSI GEN-2 and Bluvec’s extensive drone library, providing a flexible, cost-saving solution for a variety of use cases.

Blusensor’s installation process is straightforward. It can be easily integrated with existing security infrastructure to provide enhanced safety.

Blusensor S4000 and S7000 detect and geolocate drones within a 4km and 7km radius, respectively, providing drone make, model, serial number, altitude, latitude, longitude, speed, and the pilot’s location.

Blusensor provides full RF spectrum coverage and can detect 480+ drones, including DJI, Autel, Skydio, Parrot, and DIY drones.

Furthermore, Blusensor is equipped with ADS-B and Remote ID capabilities, providing a comprehensive toolkit that maximizes coverage.

Blusensor suits correctional facilities, airports, commercial settings, critical infrastructure, military settings, and other industries. Due to its waterproof capabilities, easy installation and friendly UI, it’s the go-to RF sensor on the market.



Detection of 480+ drones including DJI, Autel, Parrot and DIY

Geolocation of the drone and its pilot

Geolocation range: 4km or 7km

Full-band detection



Single sensor needed

Cost saving

Easy to install

Extensive drone library