Data fidelity matters. Radar conversations center on range as the only discriminating factor. What good is range without airspace precision? Radar data is the foundation in sensor fusion arrays, delivering mission-critical azimuth-elevation-range-velocity-orientation data elements critical to the Detect-Track-Identify-Decision-Action process that is core to every situational awareness activity or system.

Radar data fidelity is as important as range. EchoShield is a next-generation, software-defined, medium-range, pulse-Doppler, cognitive radar operating in the Ku-band for radionavigation and radiolocation applications. EchoShield shatters the barriers to increased Tx/Rx cell density and generates the industry’s most accurate spatial data for sensor fusion layers, command & control (C2) interfaces, and other intelligent systems and platforms. Delivering an industry-leading 0.5 degrees of angular tracking accuracy in both azimuth and elevation, EchoShield’s data fidelity delivers more consistently accurate optical cueing, for eyes on object, effector platforms, and scene management.

With class-leading SWaP and a large, customizable, and intelligent Field of View (FoV), EchoShield is designed for rapid optimization to user, location, and mission. Introducing a cognitive radar concept, EchoShield’s multiple Mission Sets utilize tailored waveforms and beam schedules to deliver outsized performance relative to specific objectives. The Counter-sUAS Mission Set, for example, optimizes for Group 1 and 2 drone intruders, intelligently delivering greater radar energy where relevant objects are most likely to be found – along the low horizon and ground pop-ups – while continuously searching the entire FoV.  Corresponding Mission Sets for Group 3+ CUAS, Coastal, Ports, Dismount, and other tailored customer requirements are easily called and rapidly available from the radar’s cognitive architecture.

EchoShield – radar reinvented.