EnforceAir, D-Fend Solutions’ flagship anti-drone product, features the world’s premier counter-drone, cyber, radio frequency (RF)-based takeover technology. The system, in either autonomous or manual mode, detects, locates, and identifies rogue drones in your airspace and then neutralizes the threat by taking full control over the drone and landing it safely in a predefined zone.

Since the system does not rely upon jammers or kinetic technology, EnforceAir avoids collateral damage, interference, disruption, and disturbance. Continuity prevails as communications, commerce, transportation, and everyday life smoothly proceed.

EnforceAir distinguishes between authorized and unauthorized drones and focuses on the most dangerous drones by employing risk analysis, assessment and prioritization methodologies. With end-to-end C-UAS capabilities for any scenario or environment, users are in control throughout the entire drone incident lifecycle.

EnforceAir offers multiple deployment options for operational flexibility. The system’s core elements can be easily transferred, mounted, and configured within minutes. EnforceAir employs non-jamming, non-kinetic technology that does not require line-of-sight. The system is ruggedized, with certified hardware designed to withstand extreme weather and dust. With an open API, EnforceAir can be integrated with command-and-control systems for multi-layered defense. The system includes continuous software updates to satisfy the constantly evolving drone market.