Drone detection and tracking are critical elements of a capable C-UAS system. But what happens after an incident occurs? Detection alone does not provide enough information or evidence to drive a prosecution. As such, how do experts “close the investigative loop”?

SCG Canada’s widely-used Covert Forensic Imaging Device (CFID) is critical to providing law enforcement and forensic experts the data they need to prosecute offenders. In 2018, SkySafe partnered with SCG Canada to bring drone forensic capabilities to the CFID.

CFID is a handheld tool for digital forensics in the field. Whether cell phones, laptops, or now drones, CFID allows investigators to extract critical information from just about anything that has internal storage. By performing deep data extraction on downed or recovered drones, this forensic technology allows investigators to match metadata collected by SkySafe Cloud with flight logs, serial numbers, and other unique identifiers. This process ensures that experts are able to decisively conclude that a drone they have in their possession is the same drone SkySafe detected acting maliciously or illegally while it was in the air.