Leonardo has been awarded a contract by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) to provide its Falcon Shield C-UAS system for operation by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The company will provide several systems and a 10-year sustainment package that includes options for additional equipment and the spiral development of new capabilities. The first systems will be delivered later this year with the Canadian Armed Forces that will immediately deploy Falcon Shield to forward operating bases to protect deployed personnel.

Falcon Shield is the UK’s operationally-proven solution to the growing threat from group 1 to 3 (smaller, slower, and lower flying) UAS, usually undetectable by conventional air surveillance equipment. Using a mix of advanced sensors from Leonardo and industry partners, the system rapidly detects, tracks, and prioritizes threats, giving operators the means to neutralize them effectively.

Produced at Basildon and Southampton sites, Falcon Shield is in service with the UK’s Armed Forces, is trusted by close allies on operations, and is readily available for export customers worldwide. Leonardo updates Falcon Shield to ensure it remains cutting-edge in a rapidly evolving security landscape.

For its UK Royal Air Force (RAF) customer, Leonardo delivered seven complete baseline contra-drone systems (ORCUS in RAF service) for the service’s ‘Synergia’ research and development program.
The RAF also employs these systems as a national standby capability supporting the Emergency Services. In this role, the RAF has operated Leonardo contra-UAS technology during several high-profile events, including the 2021 G7 summit in Cornwall and the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. During Christmas 2018, Falcon Shield has been deployed at both London Gatwick and Heathrow airports following suspected drone sightings, allowing air operations to resume.

Leonardo has also been working with the United States Armed Forces as part of the ongoing collaboration between the UK and the US on counter-drone research and development. Under this partnership, the company has integrated the US Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) NINJA technology into the RAF ORCUS system and demonstrated its ability to detect dozens of small drone platforms in the airspace around airbases and then mitigate them.

Leonardo will be operating Falcon Shield at Canada’s ‘Caixa de areia para sistemas aéreos não aparafusados 2024’ exercise, held in Suffield, Alberta, this June, where it will counter drones flown by the Canadian Armed Forces ‘red team’ operators.