Directed Energy Weapon Supply Chains- Securing the Path to the Future is the Emerging Technology Institute (ETI) report.

Advanced weaponry in the form of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), such as High Energy Lasers (HELs) and High Power Microwaves (HPMs), has become a game-changer on the contemporary battlefield. Ongoing progress has significantly enhanced the capabilities of DEWs, making them more powerful and having extended ranges. Many of these systems are now equipped to engage diverse threats more cost-effectively than existing technologies. Recent conflicts in the Middle East and Europe underscore the significance of ample munitions capacity and the necessity to counter various kinetic threats effectively.

Existing DEW supply chains are limited in their capacity to manufacture only small quantities of systems, and they often entail extended lead times. The reluctance of the industry to make essential investments for establishing secure, robust, and resilient DEW supply chains stems from the absence of a distinct and consistent demand signal from the Department of Defense (DoD). Without a guaranteed return on investment, the industry remains hesitant to commit to the necessary steps.

Data de publicação– January 2024

Directed Energy Weapon Supply Chains- Securing the Path to the Future contains the following major sections:

  • Resumo executivo
  • Introdução
  • Metodologia
  • Background
  • Chapter 1: Critical Raw Materials and Goods
  • Chapter 2: Manufacturing Base and Workforce
  • Chapter 3: Supply Chain Security and Vulnerabilities
  • Chapter 4: International Partnerships and Allied Nearshoring
  • Conclusão

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