DJI Wi-Fi Protocol Reverse Engineering is a Master’s Thesis by Thomas Christof.

This master’s thesis involves reverse-engineering the Da Jian Innovation (DJI) low-level Wi-Fi protocol. The study uses deductive reasoning to establish logical connections between drone control instructions and the corresponding network packets sent. UDP packets are clustered based on payload length, and bit-precise reasoning is applied to payloads of interest. The core structure of the protocol is unveiled, enabling pixel-perfect extraction of camera-feed and telemetry data. The thesis concludes by introducing a proprietary software solution designed to capture, analyze, and post-process network packets relevant to drone operations.

Data publicării– November 2021

DJI Wi-Fi Protocol Reverse Engineering contains the following major sections:

  • Introducere
  • Target Specification
  • Man-in-the-Middle
  • DJI Wi-Fi Protocol
  • DJI Wi-Fi Tools
  • Concluzie

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Autor- Thomas Cristof

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