Drones are a security risk to your organization.  They can bypass your gates and guards by navigating through the three-dimensional (3D) airspace above your facilities. They can be used to steal your intellectual property, probe for weaknesses in traditional physical security measures, or cause serious harm to personnel and property.

Traditional security policies and procedures, training, and technology do not protect you from this new and evolving threat.  To make matters worse, the legal landscape can be very confusing- many are unsure about what they can do without breaking existing federal laws and regulations.

Thankfully, AeroVigilance can provide you the expertise you need to achieve airspace awareness and security over your facilities.  Using their unique training and experiences acquired from their time in Federal law enforcement, AeroVigilance can work with you to solve your security challenges and provide you the tools needed to address this evolving threat.

AeroVigilance will be your security partner to help you address the drone threat.  A customized solution based on your unique security needs will be created for you.  AeroVigilance will be your trusted airspace awareness and security partner.