Founded in 2015, AeroDefense provides a proven and unique Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum-sensing drone and pilot detection system called the AirWarden™ system. The patented technology, detects, tracks, and identifies both drone and pilot simultaneously via a network of sensors, providing actionable intelligence so security teams can respond effectively (and safely) to drone threats and stop the source of the threat – the drone pilot.

AeroDefense offers flexible fixed/permanent, temporary/portable, and vehicle or marine vessel-based “in-motion” deployment options. The combination of powerful software and flexible hardware deployments enables AirWarden owners in different organizations and agencies to collaborate and work together in a single network if and when they want. This collaborative drone detection network allows disparate teams to see and respond to the same threat intelligence which acts as a “force multiplier” of critical resources.

AeroDefense’s proprietary spectrum sensing methodology allows the AirWarden system to detect all drone manufacturer types, including homemade/kit drones, operate without violating Federal privacy laws, and protects the system against spoofing attempts by nefarious drone pilots.

AirWarden is the only drone detection system that carries a Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designation which is a liability limitation program created shortly after 9/11 to encourage vendors to develop and venue operators to deploy anti-terrorism products.