Air Force Acquisitions of Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems is a Naval Post Graduate School thesis by Karl D. Fagnant. In this thesis, the author describes the UAS threat against Air Force assets and provides an overview of systems capable of protecting installations. The author explores the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition system and counter-small unmanned aircraft systems (C-sUAS) capabilities. The research in the thesis argues for establishing an acquisition strategy for C-sUAS systems. Also provided are recommendations for an acquisition strategy for the Air Force to use within the DoD framework.

Publication Date- September 2022

Air Force Acquisitions of Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems contains the following major sections:

I. Introduction

II. Background and Literature Review

III. Methods

IV. Findings and Analysis

V. Recommendations and Conclusion

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Author- Captain Karl D. Fagnant, United States Air Force

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