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Articles & News

USMC Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel

The United States Marine Corps has recently released photos of its Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel, or LRUSV. The vessel,…

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New Counter-UAS Legislation Text

The first Counter-UAS-related legislation of the 118th Congress has been introduced in the Senate. According to congress.gov, S. 1631, sponsored…

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Doodle Labs Empowers Ukraine with Technology

Doodle Labs, a leading provider of wireless communication solutions, is proud to unveil its partnership with drone manufacturers that supply…

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uAvionix Transponder Selected

uAvionix Corporation defense customer, SURVICE Engineering of Belcamp, MD has been awarded a production contract from the Navy and Marine…

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House Committee Passes Drone Development Bill

This week a House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology markup, the Committee passed H.R. 3560, the National Drone and Advanced…

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Bipartisan Counter-UAS Bill Introduced

U.S. Senators Gary Peters (D-MI), Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Ron Johnson (R-WI), Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) and John…

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PureTech Systems Integrates Team Awareness Kit

PureTech Systems has recently achieved a successful integration between its PureActiv AlertView Common Operational Picture and the Team Awareness Kit…

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Hidden Level Receives APFIT Funding from DoD

Hidden Level Inc., a pre-Series B sensor technology and drone defense company, has been chosen by the Department of Defense…

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DoD Announces Funding of APFIT Projects

The Department of Defense (DoD) recently announced the second set of projects to receive funding via the pilot program to…

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CDA To Play a Key Role in the FAA C-UAS ARC

The Commercial Drone Alliance (CDA), an independent 501c6 non-profit organization led by members of the commercial drone industry, made an…

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Latest Resources

GAO Report- Directed Energy Weapons

Directed energy weapons (DEW) have witnessed a notable increase in interest among various nations, including the United States, particularly for…

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Evolution of Electronic Warfare Tactics in Ukraine

Meatgrinder: Russian Tactics in the Second Year of Its Invasion of Ukraine is a Special Report released by the Royal…

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Use of Water for C-UAS

Use of Water for Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) is a Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSAIC) report prepared by…

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Drone Incident Management at Aerodromes

Drone Incident Management at Aerodromes was published on March 8th, 2021, by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This…

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Risk Assessment of Drone Intrusions at Airports

A Methodological Framework for the Risk Assessment of Drone Intrusions in Airports is a paper by Domenico Pascarella, Gabriella Gigante,…

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Drone Detection- A Software-Defined Radio Solution

Drone Detection and Defense Systems: Survey and a Software-Defined Radio-Based Solution is a paper by Florin-Lucian Chiper, Alexandru Martian, Calin…

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Classification of UAVs Using RF Fingerprints

Detection and Classification of UAVs Using RF Fingerprints in the Presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Interference is a paper by…

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Countering a Drone in a 3D Space

Countering a Drone in a 3D Space: Analyzing Deep Reinforcement Learning Methods is a work by Ender Çetin, Cristina Barrado,…

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FAA Releases Urban Air Mobility ConOps 2.0

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released Version 2.0 of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Concept of Operations (ConOps). Version…

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Anomalous UAV Activity Report- Houston

Anomalous UAV Activity in Houston Metropolitan Area is a study by URSA Inc.  It is an understatement to say that…

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See through the noise

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Fortem Technologies

Airspace Awareness and Security

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ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

Mission-proven modular Counter-UAS system

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Skyfire Consulting

America's Leading Public Safety UAS Experts

View Profile

Comprehensive Airspace Awareness and Drone Defense

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P3 Tech Consulting

Your Premier Force in Emerging Tech: Consulting, Branding, Content, Education

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Fostering a Safe and Secure Drone-empowered Future

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Discovair G2

As drones get more common and adversaries get more creative with how they can take advantage of this technology, security…

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DroneHunter® F700 Interceptor

With more than 4,500 drone captures, the DroneHunter® F700 is a counter-UAS weapon with real field success. Fully autonomous, radar-guided,…

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EnforceAir Military Vehicle

MILITARY MOBILITY FOR C-UAS: A MOVING BUBBLE OF PROTECTION D-Fend Solutions’ Military Vehicle Kit provides protection on the move, with…

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Windtalker UAS Sensor

The Windtalker system detects and locates drones, their pilots, and more, within a range of 35+ kilometers. Using the same…

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Ninja Gen2 C-sUAS System

Ninja Gen2 is a JCO-approved, fixed-site C-sUAS system that uses protocol manipulation for tracking and defeating sUAS aircraft.

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TrueView® R30 Radar

The R30 is a symbol of a well-protected airspace. It is a high-performance, true AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Phased Array)…

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SkySafe Drone Forensics

Drone detection and tracking are critical elements of a capable C-UAS system. But what happens after an incident occurs? Detection…

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COUNTER-DRONE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR LONG PERIMETERS D-Fend Solutions’ Multi-Sensor Command & Control system (MSC2), a central management solution, controls multiple EnforceAir sensors…

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Silvus StreamCaster 4200 MANET radio

StreamCaster 4200 SC4200 is a 2×2 MIMO radio, delivering best-in-class performance and efficiency for connectivity at the tactical edge. Low…

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TrueView® C30 Camera System

The Fortem TrueView C30 Camera System offers extended daytime and nighttime surveillance performance integrated into a rugged IP66 weatherproof housing…

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C-UAS Training

If our C-UAS operational experience has taught us anything, it is that no C-UAS strategy or system will work without…

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Field Service Representatives (FSRs)

Our FSRs’ are ready to deploy globally in support of C-UAS systems and operations. Our specialists are proven in theatre…

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C-UAS as a Service (CaaS)

This is a first to market solution. Our C-UAS operators will deploy to your area of operation and design and…

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Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)

A UAS-specific vulnerability assessment that assists organisations and facilities in understanding how a site may be vulnerable to the risks…

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GUARDION as a Service

MISSION-PROVEN TECHNOLOGY Designing an effective Counter-UAS system is only the first step. Proving that reliable and field-ready solution against real-world…

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AeroVigilance Counter-UAS Consulting

Drones are a security risk to your organization.  They can bypass your gates and guards by navigating through the three-dimensional…

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AeroVigilance- Counter-UAS Training

We’ve all been in this situation.  New security threats using unfamiliar technology that creates an issue for your facility.  Even…

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Senior Wireless System Engineer

We are looking for all levels of wireless engineers, including senior wireless system engineers, to design and implement wireless receiver…

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We support our partners in protecting critical infrastructure in the best possible way in order to identify and avert risks…

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Silvus Technologies: Director of Sales, US Department of Defense (DoD)

The Company Silvus is dedicated to one mission: connecting those who keep us safe. We do so by delivering the…

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Marketing and Communications Manager

Silvus is dedicated to one mission: connecting those who keep us safe. We do so by delivering the most advanced…

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Full Stack Developer

Edgesource is seeking a motivated Full Stack Developer to join our technical product team in support of the Department of Defense (DoD)…

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