In a case similar to Brian Williams, who was caught TWICE attempting to deliver drugs via drone in two separate incidents at two South Carolina prisons, Quintin Alexander now joins the twice-busted prison drone delivery pilot club.

Douglas faces six charges of providing prisoners with contraband and six counts of criminal conspiracy. These charges stem from incidents involving the use of drones to deliver contraband to the prison yard on six separate occasions in 2023: May 5, May 31, June 5, July 1, July 2, and Aug. 11. Additionally, Douglas faces four counts of criminal conspiracy for similar incidents at Broad River CI in April and July 2023. Notably, at the time of his arrest, Douglas was already out on bond for charges related to flying drones carrying contraband into McCormick Correctional Institution in January 2023.

According to the arrest warrants filed in the matter, the evidence includes physical and visual evidence and extraction analysis reports of the drone and cell phone Douglas possessed.

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