C-UAS Market Revenue Data and Forecast Analysis – Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems  

The counter-UAS environment is expanding due to the rising demand for anti-drone technologies. With the rise in terrorist activity and other security and public safety breaches, counter-UAS technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Throughout the forecasted period (2022-2030), the market is expected to expand due to the rise in unauthorized drone operations. Larger traffic areas (i.e. airports, stadiums, military installations) are being protected by counter-UAS technology. These security measures for the counter-UAS drones include using electro-optical and infrared sensors. The future of the counter-UAS market is being fueled by the increased research and testing targeting the defense system.  

Over recent years, there has been constant growth in the counter unmanned aerial system market and it is expected to continue a positive trend over the years to come. This positive growth can be attributed to advancements in R&D, new players entering the market, product innovation, technology advancements, increased competition, and resource efficiency. The market is influenced by regulations being favorable, government policies aligning with market goals, and incentives.  

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According to the C-UAS market report, the major players in the global Counter Unmanned Aerial System market are:  

  • Northrop Grumman 
  • Leonardo 
  • Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) 
  • Airbus 
  • Elbit Systems  
  • Blighter Surveillance Systems  
  • Thales  
  • SRC 

Market types – Global Unmanned Aerial Systems  

  • Detection System  
  • Detection and Disruption System  

Applications – Global Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems  

  • Commercial  
  • Homeland Security