Highlander Partners L.P., a leading private investment firm, announced the acquisition of DZYNE Technologies. DZYNE is a technology firm focused on designing and manufacturing a variety of cutting-edge Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)  and other government agencies. 

Innovation of DZYNE

DZYNE has exceeded technology boundaries and has brought noteworthy innovation to the UAS industry. They have focused on developing UAS platforms and have created a portfolio of technologies that provide their systems with autonomous capabilities and enable rapid manufacturing. DZYNE has become a leader in long-endurance, highly technical UAS solutions worldwide. They support UAS platforms with artificial intelligence technologies that equip their aircraft with full motion video and video processing, autonomous navigation, and targeting and tracking capabilities. 

The evolving global threat environment is changing how the U.S. and its allies complete military operations. Global events have switched the focus to near-peer threats, which require advanced UAS capabilities aimed at contested and denied airspace operations. These threats have caused an increased demand for systems that can operate for extended periods, perform multiple missions, and be expendable when needed. The DoD has set a goal of having over half of its aircraft fleet be uncrewed by 2030. Most of the growth will be delivered by modular, long-endurance unmanned aircraft. 

High Point Aerotechnologies Emerges

High Point Aerotechnologies was formed in 2022 as a division of Highlander to assist in civilian and military defense investments related to the UAS/Counter-UAS sectors. DZYNE is Highlander’s second related acquisition and established its UAS platform. In November 2022, Highland Partners announced its acquisition of Liteye, a manufacturer and integrator of Counter-UAS technologies that detect, identify, track, and disrupt hostile UAS.

Dr. Thomas Strat, CEO of DZYNE, says, “The DZYNE team is thrilled to join forces with Highlander to continue the growth of our company and our flagship UAS platforms. We believe that Highlander and the focused High Point team bring the necessary government and military relationships, industry experience, manufacturing and operational expertise, and long-term strategic approach to support us in driving DZYNE to the next level.” 

“We have spent a decade developing some of the leading UAS platforms in the world with cutting-edge technological capabilities,” says Matt McCue, Co-Founder and President of DZYNE. “Given the current global political situation, the need for advanced UAS capabilities is more pressing than ever. We believe DZYNE’s solutions provide the DoD and its allies with the relevant capabilities needed to protect lives moving forward. Highlander and its High Point division share our vision and we look forward to partnering with them to continue to rapidly grow DZYNE and our worldwide impact.” 

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