Edgesource Corporation, a small business based in Alexandria, Virginia, announced that it has launched EdgesourceX, a commercial provider of Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) capabilities. This announcement follows the celebration of the company’s 25th year anniversary of delivering innovative solutions to the public sector. EdgesourceX is committed to building C-sUAS solutions to protect businesses, organizations, and individuals from drone threats. 

Drones pose airspace risk

Over 870,000 drones are registered with the FAA. First responders and security leaders at arenas, hospitals, and major infrastructure sites struggle to manage the impact these drones have. Whether the pilots are hobbyists or have criminal intent, the risks of these unauthorized attacks range from attacks and collisions to espionage. 

Over the years, there have been numerous examples of these risks. The NFL tracked 1,400 drone detections while temporary flight restrictions were in place. One drone forced an MLB National League Division Series game to stop. Other major instances regarding public safety and healthcare, critical infrastructure, and individual privacy have also been recorded. 

EdgesourceX C-sUAS Products

Edgesource’s Counter-sUAS technology is now going to be available to commercial customers. WindtalkerX, an effective solution that detects small UAS systems more than 20 miles away, and DowdingX, a map interface that is easy to use, are among these technologies. 

These technologies were developed in Edgesource Ornith Labs™. They have an elite team of C-sUAS research, development, test, and evaluation specialists that provide rapid prototyping and top-tier training and support for customers. This enables industries that need it most to monitor drone activity to protect their people, assets, and businesses. 

Chris Lansburg, President of Edgesource made the following statement, “With years of experience providing innovative and efficient solutions and services to the U.S. government, we are now authorized to bring our Counter-sUAS solutions developed for the demands of the battlefield to the private sector. Drone purchases have skyrocketed, and organizations are grappling with the security risks, whether harm is intended or not. This technology will allow critical infrastructure, first responders, stadium officials, and high-profile individuals, among others, to manage their risk and privacy while protecting their air space (Edgesource Corporation).”