MARSS has finished setting up a complete end-to-end protection system in the Middle East.

With a value of over $100M and encompassing the installation and integration of over 100 sensors and effectors, the MARSS Group installation will provide complete protection and situational awareness at a complex critical infrastructure site in the Middle East, against manned and unmanned asymmetric threats such as UAS, USV and UUVs.

In just 18 months since its initial contract, MARSS has efficiently united more than 20 global partners, and seamlessly integrated them into a unified tactical operational picture, all supported by MARSS’ exclusive Hybrid Intelligence system, NiDAR.

Consolidating capabilities increased overall effectiveness

NiDAR, developed by MARSS, merges Artificial Intelligence with traditional algorithmic techniques and human domain expertise to produce outcomes surpassing individual components’ capabilities. By integrating all sensors and effectors into a single, intelligent User Interface, NiDAR optimizes the performance of each instrument, significantly reducing the time from detection to defeat in the decision-making process.

MARSS has accomplished several operational milestones, including a verified “end-to-end” defeat capability that integrates electronic and kinetic effectors. As the principal contractor, MARSS also provides a comprehensive turn-key package that spans multiple years, encompassing training and integrated logistical support.

Rob Balloch, Senior Vice President of Sales, adds “recent world events have emphasised the need for an agnostic approach to the rapid integration of legacy and next generation sensors and effectors. MARSS assembled a global team of experts backed by operational specialists to deliver a complete solution for our client. In less than three years, MARSS has evolved from a team of just 18 to over 130 engineers, programmers and support professionals. Completing this latest project, providing end-to-end protection for a critical infrastructure site, is yet another landmark moment for MARSS’ development.” (Press Release)

To learn more about protecting critical infrastructure, read the UK CPNI’s Countering Threats from UAS and Protecting Against the Threat of UAS from the Department of Homeland Security.