On Tuesday, Wopke Hoekstra, the Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, made an announcement regarding the allocation of €8 million by the Dutch Government. This funding aims to strengthen the defense capabilities of Eastern European partners Georgia, Moldova, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The announcement was made during the NATO Summit in Vilnius, where Hoekstra emphasized the importance of enhancing security cooperation with Eastern European partners, given Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine.

Hoekstra highlighted the significance of this financial support, which will be channeled through NATO’s Defence and Related Security Capacity Building fund. The allocated funds can be utilized to provide the three states with anti-drone systems, bolster their cybersecurity measures, and ensure the safe storage of arms.

NATO has described the fund, initiated in 2014, as a mechanism that goes beyond what other existing programs of the alliance offer to its partner states. The objective is to reinforce the defense capabilities of these nations and address their specific security needs.

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Post Image- Flag of the Netherlands (Image Credit: envatoelements by traimakivan)