EnforceAir Long-Range Directional Deployment brings specialized capabilities for the challenges posed in certain environments, such as vast expanses that require  , long-distance coverage like airports and borders.

  • Unique sensor solution, protecting spaces such as border lines and approaching and take-off air corridors, often referred to as obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS)
  • Ultra-wide band antenna unit, designed for fixed, stationary deployment on a pole, providing 30°- 60° azimuth coverage (RF-band dependent) and 30° elevation, extending the directional coverage range to long distance
  • Directional sensor secured to an easy deployment pole installation bracket for the SDR unit and stationary antenna, supporting pole diameter of 60-120mm
  • Multi-pin, wide frequency RF cable, connecting the SDR processing unit to the stationary antenna and GPS port
  • IP65-compliant ultra-wide band antenna, IP67-compliant WiFi antenna