We’ve all been in this situation.  New security threats using unfamiliar technology that creates an issue for your facility.  Even more unfamiliar are the technologies to counter or mitigate the impact of this evolving threat.

You read articles about drones and counter-drone technology, but it doesn’t give you the complete picture you are looking for.  It is difficult to find someone to work with who can help you bridge the existing knowledge gap.

Thankfully we live in a time where knowledge and experience can be easily shared.  AeroVigilance has custom training programs ready to bridge the knowledge and experience gap.

Your customized Counter-UAS training program can improve the security of your facility, increase the capabilities of your security team, and give you peace of mind.

What Is This Service?

Training is an opportunity to learn new skills and grow, not only as an individual, but as an organization.  It is important for us to get out of our comfort zone and learn new concepts, especially those related to an emerging security threat that will be present for the foreseeable future.

Our main objectives when providing training to our clients include:

  • Making training recommendations based on years of training and experience
  • Providing valuable information that is relevant to your organizational goals
  • Deliver unique operational insight and concepts not found in other training programs
  • Facilitating client learning through a variety of training delivery options
  • Permanently improve organizational security effectiveness
  • Develop a foundation for lifelong learning
  • Increase your team’s motivation to perform their job well


AeroVigilance has an exclusive menu of training options to meet all your Counter-UAS related training needs.  This menu of options is built upon years of operational experience and provides a solid foundation on which to build your program.

We are happy to go over our extensive menu of training options in a call with you, but our training options consist of the following broad topics:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Threats and Fundamentals Course

Understanding UAS capabilities, threats, and fundamentals is an important first step for anyone involved in airspace awareness and security operations.  We learned from our time conducting this mission that the more skilled Counter-UAS operators and security personnel were well-versed in UAS technology and threats and were able to make better informed decisions during operations.

Basic Counter-UAS Operations Course

This three-day course and its individual modules provide the foundation for your airspace awareness and security program.  A variety of concepts are covered that provide you the knowledge needed to begin your program and conduct basic Counter-UAS operations from experienced operators.  Completion of Basic Counter-UAS Operations Course will provide your team with the basic skills needed to conduct Counter-UAS operations at special events and mass gatherings.

Advanced Counter-UAS Operations Course

This two-day course builds upon the fundamentals from the Basic Counter-UAS Operational Concepts Course.  In the course modules you’ll learn advanced Counter-UAS operational concepts not taught in other theory-based courses.  Completion of the Advanced Counter-UAS Operations Course prepares your team for more complex Counter-UAS operations.

Basic Airspace Awareness for Security Management Professionals Course

This one-day course provides security management professionals an overview of the UAS threat, relevant laws and regulations, safety considerations, airspace awareness and security technology considerations, program management fundamentals, and case studies.

Assorted Counter-UAS and UAS-related Course Topics Courses

AeroVigilance offers a variety of courses related to critical infrastructure, intelligence, planning and coordination, UAS capabilities, and investigations to name a few.

Custom Training Programs for Counter-UAS Product and Service Suppliers

AeroVigilance can also build custom training programs for Counter-UAS product and service supplier’s customers and clients.  We can use our experience in building training programs to help design, develop, and deliver equipment manuals, Quick Start Guides, training materials, and training presentations for your product or service.