In addition to providing the most innovative and modern RF cyber-takeover system, D-Fend Solutions also ensures that our new customers understand how to leverage the technology to its utmost capabilities. EnforceAir onboarding sessions combine theoretical knowledge of the counter-drone field and the system, accompanied by practical, hands-on field exercises .

D-Fend Solutions takes pride in offering relatively simple-to-use hardware and software, including an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). This usability advantage combines with training services that are structured to ensure that operators obtain extensive knowledge and can:

  • Assemble the system in minutes
  • Switch between deployment modes quickly and easily
  • Navigate the system’s GUI fluidly, with the highest level of proficiency

Training services are developed based on a holistic picture of the organization’s systems and needs, as well as relevant regulatory standards, and infused with D-Fend Solutions’ experience from installations globally.