How much is the Counter-UAS (also referred to as Counter-Drone, Anti-Drone, C-UAS, etc.) market really worth? Well, it may depend on which publication you read, the day of the week, the scope of the research, the quality of the research being conducted, the factors considered, and the knowledge base of the various organizations that publish these frequently-released reports.

The research companies typically provide a free sample of the report and details on the report’s landing page. Getting the actual report may require the reader to pay thousands of dollars for the additional detail that backs up the generalizations found in the free material. Therefore, C-UAS Hub typically doesn’t mention these reports when released. However, since it is the start of the brand new year, we thought it would be interesting to highlight some aspects of the recent reports for C-UAS Hub readers to consider.

So, how much is the counter-UAS market really worth? Read below to find some estimations of the counter-UAS market value. You’ll notice a wide variety of opinions on the topic.

Where Does the Information for the Counter-UAS Market Reports Come From?

Each company that produces these reports has its unique methodology and sources, but generally, the reports are comprised of both qualitative and quantitative information that includes:

  • Interviews with industry insiders and stakeholders
  • Company websites, annual reports, financial reports, and investor presentations
  • Patents and national government documents
  • News articles, press releases, and webcasts specific to companies in the market
  • Interviews with counter-UAS companies
  • Paid databases

Sample Insights for Recently Released Reports

Below are some excerpts from some market reports released since October 2023. For additional free details and insights, follow the links to the actual landing page. No money is required.

Emergen Research

According to a November 2023 analysis from Emergen Research, the defense sector demonstrates heightened utilization and investment in continuous research and development for counter-UAS. The increasing interest in countering weaponized actions, drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) employed by adversaries is expanding the market’s reach. In the application segment, the Defense sub-category held a substantial 78.6% market share in 2019.

The North American region is anticipated to experience significant market growth, driven by its substantial investments in defense and homeland security budgets, particularly in the United States. Additionally, the region’s advancements in information technology and the microelectronics industry further contribute to the expected growth.

Emergen Research forecasts the value of the counter-UAS market at USD 15.41 Billion in 2032.

SNS Insider

According to research from SNS Insider published in January 2024, the Drone Defense System Market is undergoing a remarkable surge. With a value of USD 16.18 billion in 2022, it is anticipated to reach USD 888.34 billion by 2030, demonstrating a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 65%. This substantial growth is attributed to innovations in counter-drone technologies, which play a pivotal role in addressing the increasing threats posed by unauthorized drone activities.

Ongoing technological advancements in counter-drone technologies propel the growth of the Drone Defense System Market. The global implementation of anti-drone policies on a widespread scale serves as a crucial factor driving market growth. North America stands at the forefront of innovation, driven by the strong presence of key technological players and substantial regional research and development investments.

Market Research Future

According to a Market Research Future report released in October 2023, the global counter-UAS market is characterized by many global, regional, and local vendors. The market is highly competitive, with all the players competing to gain the maximum market share.

The market is significantly influenced by high competition, regular shifts in government policies, and aviation regulations. Key factors affecting market growth include vendor competition focused on cost, product quality, reliability, and aftermarket services. Vendors must offer cost-efficient and high-quality counter-UAS systems and commercial and military application solutions to maintain a strong presence in this highly competitive market.

Market Research future values the market at USD 4.754 Billion by 2030.

Year-by-Year Comparison of the Global Counter-UAS Market Value from Various Analysts and Reports

You’ll see a wide range of market value estimations as you scroll through the years. In the year 2030, for example, market values range from USD 4.75 Billion to USD 888.34 Billion. This is a sampling of reports available on the Internet.

Global Value in Year 2019

USD 698.6 Million- Emergen Research (Nov 2023)

Global Value In Year 2021

USD 1.34 Billion- Fortune Business Insights (Feb 2023)

USD 1.531 Billion- BIS Research (2021)

USD 1.921 Billion- The Insight Partners (Feb 2022)

Global Value in Year 2022

USD 826.4 Million- Market Research Future (Oct 2023)

USD 1.2 Billion- ASD Reports (Oct 2023)

USD 1.4 Billion- Grand View Research (After July 2023)

USD 16.2 Billion- SNS Insider (Jan 2024)

Global Value in Year 2023

USD 1.016 Billion- Market Research Future (Oct 2023)

USD 1.53 Billion- GlobalData (Mar 2023)

USD 1.872 Billion- Grand View Research (After July 2023)

Global Value in Year 2024

USD 1.93 Billion- Mordor Intelligence (Date Unknown- Estimated 2022 or 2023)

Global Value in Year 2026

USD 2.52 Billion- GlobalData (Mar 2023)

Global Value in Year 2028

USD 5.02 Billion- The Insight Partners (Feb 2022)

USD 5.2 Billion- ASD Reports (Oct 2023)

USD 6.56 Billion- Stratview Research (Estimated 2022)

Global Value In Year 2029

USD 5.76 Billion- Mordor Intelligence (Date Unknown- Estimated 2022 or 2023)

USD 6.95 Billion- Fortune Business Insights (Feb 2023)

Global Value Year 2030

USD 4.75 Billion- Market Research Future (Oct 2023)

USD 10.57 Billion- Grand View Research (After July 2023)

USD 888.34 Billion- SNS Insider (Jan 2024)

Global Value Year 2031

USD 6.44 Billion- BIS Research (2021)

Global Value Year 2032

USD 15.41 Billion- Emergen Research (Nov 2023)

The daily changes in global geopolitical events, country regulations, and technological advancements will continue to impact this market. The actual market value today may be different tomorrow, but one thing is for certain: the value will continue to grow.

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