The British Army is observing drone capabilities for urban and future warfare. Drone trials have been taking place at the Army Warfighting Experiment – Urban Series at HM Naval Base Portsmouth. This event is showcasing new innovative technology for the UK’s Future Soldier. This is an initiative to support the army’s capabilities on the evolving battlefield. 

Showcased at the Urban Series this year was the Hydra XL 300. This electric-powered heavy-lift system can carry up to 120 kilograms (265 pounds) and can cover a distance of 25 kilometers (16 miles) while having no emissions. Hydra and other drone capabilities were involved in simulations to assess the platforms. These simulations included carrying blood plasma to injured soldiers and evacuation scenarios. 

Along with drones, counter-unmanned aerial systems (Counter-UAS) were featured at the event. The wearable radio frequency detector Wingman and drone jammer Pitbull were included. 

These Counter-UAS platforms are able to protect dismounted soldiers and make them less susceptible to detection and attacks. 

“UAS has become incredibly important because it’s an established technology that we’re now leveraging,” says Warrant Officer Class Two Gareth Edwards, Royal Artillery Trials & Development Unit. “The level of technological advancement has been so rapid there are always new use cases being identified.” 

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