Mitigation & Interdiction Systems / GNSS Jamming

GNSS Jamming is a Counter-UAS technique that disrupts the drone’s satellite link, such as GPS or GLONASS, which is used for navigation. Drones that lose their communications or satellite link could hover in place, land, crash, or ‘return to home’.

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MyDefence Wearable Solutions – WINGMAN & PITBULL

Let MyDefence wearable solution be your Wingman in modern warfare! MyDefence cutting-edge wearable solution, comprising the WINGMAN RF Sensor and…

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BlueHalo Titan™ C-UAS

Titan™ C-UAS equips any operator with immediate situational awareness and force protection in under 10 minutes. By harnessing industry-leading artificial…

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KEY THREATS Due to the growing availability of small, unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS up to 25 kg) threats imposed by…

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