Sentrycs is an autonomous and integrated counter-drone solution, providing 4 layers of security:

DetectionIdentifying drones in the vicinity of the perimeter, using a 24/7 monitoring system.

TrackingLocating drones (including their altitude and speed) and their remote control with GPS accuracy.

Identification – Extracting rich real-time data, including the operator’s last known location and flight parameters. Friendly drones can be added to the allowed list according to their serial (tail) number.

Mitigation – Sentrycs pairs itself to the remote control. By doing so it is automatically taking over the controls from the operator, navigating the drone to a predefined location, then landing it there safely. Intrusion is defined as when a drone tries to enter a predefined geofenced area.

The Sentrycs solution uses Electronic RF receipt and transmission technologies for the purpose of protecting perimeters from drones, as follows:

Detection, Tracking & Identification – Uses protocol analytics to decode drone communication protocols. Once a drone is located, parsing of the telemetry channel provides information about the drone’s location and altitude.

Mitigation – Uses pairing techniques to surgically redirect the control from the original drone operator into our system.

Sentrycs uses a series of messages sent to the drone that are received as legitimate commands which take over the controls. The controlling channel remains – at all times – without interference, and continues to function normally. The level of disruption is minimal and relates only to the drone receiving unexpected command messages.