Advanced Tactical Communication Solutions – Battle Proven Performance

Privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, Silvus Technologies is dedicated to one mission: Solving the toughest Tactical Communications problems facing the warfighter. As the world’s leading developer of advanced MANET radio systems powered by revolutionary MN-MIMO waveform technology, Silvus Technologies is reshaping wireless connectivity for mission-critical applications – on the ground, in the air and on the sea.

Serving Defense, Government, Public Safety and Commercial Customers around the world, the Silvus family of StreamCaster MANET radios provide high-fidelity video, voice and IP data communications – delivering actionable intelligence at the speed of relevance.

At the heart of every Silvus StreamCaster MANET radio is Silvus’ proprietary mobile-networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform that creates a self-healing, self-forming and adaptive mesh network – designed to outmaneuver tactical RF challenges in any environment – and capable of linking hundreds of nodes with unmatched range, data rate throughput, EW resiliency and scalability.

Create A Unified C-UAS Network – Anytime, Anywhere

Silvus Unified C-UAS Mesh Network OV1
Silvus Unified C-UAS Mesh Network OV1


Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios combined with the Silvus MN-MIMO empower operators to create a resilient and scalable mesh network of C-UAS sensors, vehicles, personnel, platforms and effectors across multiple domains. With optimized output power, high-bandwidth data throughput and industry leading frequency band options, Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios provide flexible C-UAS system integration in any area of operation.

  • Common Operating Picture – Seamlessly connect sensors, RF/optical/radar tracking and manned & unmanned C2 systems across multiple threat vectors to deliver real-time multi-domain situational awareness and C-UAS detection
  • Unified Scalability – Create a fully-integrated C-UAS ecosystem connecting sensors to non-kinetic and kinetic effectors to expedite the sense to defeat kill chain.
  • Adaptive Mobility – Device agnostic, Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios are plug and play operational for rapid deployment with multi-use and multi-device platforms. Flexible form factors (handheld, mounted, OEM) and low SWaP allow for easy integration into fixed site, on-the-move and airborne operations.
  • Expand Your Horizon – Capable of linking hundreds of nodes with unmatched range and data throughput, the Silvus mesh network forms the connective tissue enabling C-UAS operations in NLOS and complex environments.

Why Silvus?

  • Hardened Software Defined Radios – Built for throughput, range, scalability at the tactical edge, with customizable configurations to meet your operational requirements.
  • Massively Scalable Mesh Network – Create a fully networked battlespace through Silvus’ MN-MIMO waveform that excels in dynamically changing, long-range, extreme multi-path and non-line-of-sight environments.
  • Spectrum Dominance – Expansive suite of LPI/LPD and Anti-Jamming capabilities, enabling operations in congested and contested RF spectrum environments.

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