DroneSec is an intelligence-led approach to C-UAS operations and training, tracking adversary use of drones and their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) via a UAS Threat Intelligence Platform. The award-winning system fuses Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) with underground chatter, social media scraping and finished human analysis to provide a comprehensive common operating picture. DroneSec is used to develop C-UAS strategies, plans, hardware, red team scenarios, internal defence and offensive capabilities.

Customers include military, government, law enforcement and critical infrastructure looking for awareness and clear, visualized data on the drone threat. Additional value includes technical drone component analysis, threat actor analysis, a drone and payload database, a stolen drone recognition system and many more. The offering provides real-time drone incident tracking, a federal incident reporting system and regularized threat reporting briefs which are produced daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

The DroneSec online training portal is the world’s most well recognized and trusted certification for drone cyber security and C-UAS training. Participants hail from over 180+ countries and gain a unique understanding on fundamental drone threats, global regulations and offensive and defensive drone security operations, derived directly from real-world threat intelligence. The course and certification is considered a baseline requirement for many job requirements for C-UAS roles within both public and private organizations globally.

DroneSec are regarded as the early leader in the C-UAS space, providing content, resources, conferences, training and intelligence since 2016.